Line: Fe I - λ4208.6

Quality assessable? Yes  |  Robust against analysis method? No

Line considered quality assessable if log(gf)grid and log(gf)cog within error of each other. Line considered robust against analysis method if log(gf)grid and log(gf)cog within 0.04dex of each other.

log(gf)grid: -0.99 ± 0.14      log(gf)cog: -1.04 ± 0.12

Cross-matched literature data

Database λ (Å) log(gf) label low label up Elow (eV) Eup (eV) Jlow Jup
BRASSv1 4208.604 -1.364 LS 3p6.3d6.(5D).4s.4p.(3P*) z5F* LS 3p6.3d6.(5D).4s.\ (6D).4d e7F 3.397 6.342 3.0 3.0

Line profile plots per G-type benchmark star

Information Radio buttons can be used to choose which database log(gf) values and line profiles to view. Interactive plot controls can be found to the top right of plotting panels.

Top left panel: Points represent the individual stellar log(gf) values plotted as a function of effective temperature. Lines represent the mean log(gf) values and the literature log(gf) values.
Shaded areas represent the uncertainty associated with a given log(gf) value.

Remaining panels: Observed line profiles are shown by black dotted lines for each of the 7 FGK-type benchmark stars. Synthetic line profiles, calculated using the mean log(gf) values and the
literature log(gf) values, are shown by the solid coloured lines. Shaded areas represent the uncertainty in line profile flux due to the uncertainty in the corresponding log(gf) values.

Quality assessment

Warning: log(gf)grid and log(gf)cog are not within 0.04dex of each other. Systematic differences between the log(gf)grid and log(gf)cog values may be caused by additional lines in the synthesis,
which the curve of growth (cog) method does not account for. The quality of these additional lines has not been tested.

Database λ (Å) Δλ(w.r.t GRID) (Å) log(gf) Δlog(gf)(w.r.t GRID) Within error of log(gf)grid?
BRASSv2 GRID 4208.597 ± 0.004 - -0.99 ± 0.14 - -
BRASSv2 COG - - -1.04 ± 0.12 0.05 Yes
BRASSv1 4208.604 -0.007 -1.36 0.37 No

Equivalent widths

WλEpsEri (mÅ) Wλ70 Oph (mÅ) Wλ70 Vir (mÅ) WλSun (mÅ) Wλ51 Peg (mÅ) Wλ10 Tau (mÅ) WλBetCom (mÅ)
Measured 119.20 112.63 97.59 95.12 102.71 88.04 93.95
ΔWλcorr +13.83 +11.90 +6.65 +7.68 +7.65 +3.07 +4.83
BRASSv2 GRID 166.59 149.66 103.05 104.37 119.28 89.80 100.36
BRASSv2 COG 158.88 143.22 99.69 100.77 115.13 87.26 97.17
BRASSv1 117.87 108.75 80.84 80.25 92.19 71.71 78.86