1. Select the Spectra tab from the main menu.


2. Select in the left-hand top subpanel two stars. The left-hand radio button sets the spectrum of the star shown in the top part of the central subpanel. The right-hand radio button sets the spectrum of the star shown in the bottom part of the central subpanel. Note the same star can also be selected for simultaneously viewing different wavelength portions of the spectrum.


3. Select the wavelength region of the spectrum of 30 Ň wide in the bottom left-hand subpanel. This wavelength region loads for both stars selected in the top left-hand panel.


4. Press the Load Region #1 button in the top menu of the central subpanel. It displays the spectral regions selected for both stars. Wait a few seconds until the spinner timer vanishes signaling the spectra are fully loaded in the BRASS Spectra Data Interface.





5. The red and blue line labels marked on the wavelength axis can be lifted onto the stellar spectrum by checking the Up radio button and pressing the Shift top labels button next to it.






6. By hovering with the mouse over the red and blue line labels they change color and the BRASS line identification and line rest wavelength are displayed next to the mouse pointer. By clicking the line labels the right-hand subpanel is populated with atomic line data and other spectral line information for the selected star. The line lists increment with new clicks on the line labels. The line lists can be purged by pressing the Clear lines list and Clear graded list button in the right-hand subpanels.††




7. The selected wavelength region can be enlarged as is explained in point 7 of the BRASS Help pages: How do I interactively display BRASS stellar spectra? To investigate the atomic data of the BRASS graded lines marked with red labels click on the View data quality link in the right-hand subpanel. This will add a tab to the Atomic Data Quality tab of the central subpanel with additional information. It is also possible to double-click the red line labels. It changes the red line label numbers to L1, L2, Ö and populates in green color the my list in the right-hand subpanel.




8. The green line list can be saved to the userís computer disc by pressing the Save my list to file: button in the top and bottom right-hand panels.















9. The brasslines1.html file can be loaded in any web browser for displaying the green lines list with basic atomic data information. It also incorporates the View data quality links to the atomic data quality assessment pages discussed in the BRASS Help pages: How do I make a plot of graded BRASS lines?